A sizeable upheaval in the international adoption scene was witnessed late in the end of 2012. In direct rebuttal of newly-passed American legislation limiting the travel and commerce of known Russian human rights offenders-dubbed the Magnitsky Act-Russian legislators and President Vladimir Putin passed a comprehensive ban on the American adoption of Russian children.

The policy change, which had intended to put an immediate stop to all adoptions and tear up the two nations’ standing adoption agreement, would have put 46 families currently in the middle of adopting a Russian child. Furthermore, families both in Texas and across the country who may have been on the brink of requesting a Russian adoption would have been preemptively stifled in their attempt to open their homes to kids in need.

However, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported late earlier this month that a crucial clause in the agreement currently being targeted by Russian lawmakers has won out, ensuring that adoption will remain open between America and its former cold war rival until at least the end of 2013.

According to a spokeswoman from the U.S. State Department, a termination clause in the Russo-American adoption agreement extends one year from the pact’s end. On this note, the spokeswoman spoke hopefully of the likely completion of all 46 pending adoptions before the year’s end. However, it remains unclear as to whether new adoptions will be able to be completed in full before time runs out.

Nearly 1,000 Russian children were adopted into families in the U.S. last year, a number that only trails China and Ethiopia for the highest amongst foreign adoptions.

Russia’s political retaliation is just one of the many examples of international relations complicating the adoption process. Thankfully, the help of a family law attorney who is versed in adoption can make the act of opening the home to a child in need both expedient and gratifying in its cimplicity.

Source: CNN, “Moscow: Americans can adopt Russian kids until 2014,” Jan. 11, 2013

Adoptions, both foreign and domestic, frequently include unforeseen obstacles. For help in overcoming any potential setbacks, contact our Dallas family law page.

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