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Methods for altering the amount of child support payments

Situations in Texas that might justify a reduction in child support include job loss, disability, emancipation of a minor or a substantial rise in income for the custodial parent. If a government agency is managing the support order, then a parent can request a change. If both parents agree to a new amount and prepare the financial paperwork, the agency could make the alteration official.

Potential system could standardize child support enforcement

When single parents raising their children in Texas don't receive their court-mandated child support payments, it can be a major source of stress and anxiety. Child support payments can be critical to covering the everyday expenses of raising children, including daycare or after-school care and extracurricular activities. Raising children can be very expensive, and when a former partner fails to pay child support, many parents struggle to deal with state bureaucracies to push for enforcement of the child support order. The federal government is currently proposing the development of a national network for child support enforcement throughout the country.

When wage garnishments occur to collect child support

Some Texas parents who fall behind on child support might have their wages garnished. The ADP Research Institute released a study on Sept. 27 that looked at wage garnishments for child support, student loans, taxes and other reasons. It found that 7 percent of workers had wage garnishments and that 71 percent of the workers with garnished wages were men. The highest number of wage garnishments were for child support, and for men, child support was largely the reason wages were garnished.

Ways to determine child support

For Dallas parents who are getting divorced, being informed about the different ways to achieve a child support agreement might be important. There are a few ways that this can be determined. These include negotiating themselves or through their respective lawyers, using one of the alternative dispute resolution methods or by having the court set the amount.

Vehicle registration program helps in collecting child support

In September 2016, the Child Support Division in Texas started a program that would not allow parents who were behind on their child support to register their vehicles. Attorney General Ken Paxton reports that so far, the program has been a success with more than 3,800 parents paying over $1 million in back payments as of the end of March.

Receiving child support from a disabled parent

When a Texas noncustodial parent who has been ordered to pay child support suddenly becomes disabled, the injury could have an impact on the parent's ability to make payments. For custodial parents who rely on child support to pay everyday expenses and other important costs, such as expenses associated with medical care, making ends meet can become difficult.

Collecting child support and the DPPA

If a Texas parent moves out of state in order to avoid paying child support, the other parent might be able to seek punishment for that parent and possible restitution using the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act. Since 1998, this federal law has helped punish parents who either owe more than $5,000 in child support and have failed to pay support for over a year or who owe more than $10,000 and have failed to pay child support for more than two years.

Father involvement and child support payments

During the fiscal year of 2015, parents in Texas and the rest of nation paid a total of $32.4 billion in child support via the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, according to a 2017 report issued to Congress. Parents who do not reside with their children are typically required to pay child support to the parents who do. According to a new study, fathers who owe back child support tend to see their children less often, work fewer weeks throughout the year and are more likely to have children with multiple partners.

Obama's rule on child support modification still in place

Parents in Texas who owe child support might be interested in learning that, so far, Donald Trump has not overturned a new rule Barack Obama put into place on Jan. 19 regarding child support. The regulation says that states must allow parents who are incarcerated file for modifications in child support based on a change in circumstances.

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