Divorce, especially high asset divorce, can be a messy and stressful process. However, one trend in divorce proceedings is growing in popularity due to its cooperative and more amicable approach. The collaborative process in high asset divorce can save couples time and money and greatly reduce the stress involved in the divorce process. At the office of Bruce E. Turner, our experienced divorce attorneys have helped many clients navigate their high asset divorces using the collaborative process; we are here to help you and your spouse through this difficult time.

What is the Collaborative Process?

The process known as collaborative divorce is a method of divorce negotiation that is “interest-based,” which allows the spouses to create agreements that focus on their most important individual and mutual goals. Each spouse has his or her own collaborative divorce attorney to help through the process and negotiate the agreements with the other side. One of the benefits of collaborative divorce is the confidentiality of the process, which can be especially advantageous in a high asset divorce when you do not want your private financial details on the public court record. Collaborative divorce takes place in an office, not the courtroom, and the discussions remain confidential.

In high asset divorces involving children, collaborative divorce can be an incredibly helpful tool in maintaining positive, family-focused outcomes. It focuses on respectful solutions, especially when relationships and obligations will continue through the cooperative upbringing of the children. Parents who collaborate on solutions in high asset divorce are better able to protect their children from the psychological and emotional trauma of a contentious, public divorce battle as well as preserve respect for one another as parents.

Another significant benefit of collaborative divorce in a high asset split is the ability to come up with creative solutions for your outstanding issues. In court, a judge who is unfamiliar with your family, assets, and relationships to certain personal or real estate property will make arbitrary decisions on how the property should be split. In a collaborative divorce, the couple can consider the unique circumstances of their case and take their time to create a customized solution to their problem. High asset divorce commonly comes with complex financial instruments, accounts, property, and other assets that must be carefully evaluated in order to determine how best to split them between the couple.

Some final benefits to collaborative divorce are the time saving and cost benefits of the process. Typically, collaborative divorce is cheaper and faster than traditional divorce.  This benefits everyone.  Collaborative divorce is also usually easier to manage because the parties do not have to accommodate packed courthouse schedules.  The collaborating spouses can be more flexible, scheduling meeting times that work for all parties.

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