While divorcing is the right option in many cases, trying to raise the children together after a break up can still present challenges. Texas parents must attempt to work together because children need consistency and structure after a divorce. This is why it is a good idea for parents to discuss house rules together so that there is consistency.

Children can heal emotionally and even become stronger after a divorce, but kids handle the situation best when they are subject to as little parental drama as possible. When kids have different rules and schedules with each parent, it is harder for them to adjust. Even though parents might have different opinions on raising children, they should try to find common ground when it comes to rules and discipline to reduce confusion and frustration for the kids.

Parents should meet and discuss house rules. This can help figure out things like bedtimes, dress codes, chores, food choices and other issues. Compromise is likely necessary for these rules. If one parent is ambivalent on some issues, it is still better to set a standard than to have lax rules in one house and stricter ones in the other. Including children allows them to weigh in when parents cannot agree. This gives them some control in the proceedings and could be helpful when settling disputes.

After a divorce, children need to know that each parent is still there for them. This means that joint custody may be best in many situations. Working out a child custody agreement without litigation could save money and offer more freedom for both parents.

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