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Individual Tax Consultation

We all dread filing and paying personal income taxes. Federal tax laws are complicated and difficult to weed through. The penalties for incorrectly filing taxes, even if you make an honest mistake, can be significant. The experienced Dallas tax planning attorneys at Bruce Turner Law can help you make sense of current tax codes and help you ensure that you structure your personal finances in a way that minimizes your overall tax burden. We may be able to find deductions that you have not been taking and save you money overall. Setting up an initial consultation with one of our experienced personal tax consultation attorneys will save you time, stress, and, in some cases, money. Contact our law office today to set up your individual tax consultation.

Personal Tax Advice

Founding attorney Bruce Turner has over 35 years of experience and a master’s degree in tax law. Whatever tax-related challenge you face, he can help. He has extensive experience assisting clients with personal tax-related issues, such as:

  • How to report a personal transaction on a tax return
  • Understanding the tax implications for a large purchase or transaction
  • Tax advice related to selling a business or real estate property
  • Tax advice regarding donating to nonprofit organizations
  • How to report an employee benefit on a tax return
  • The tax implications of giving gifts to family members
  • Issues related to transfer tax
  • Tax implications of retirement and personal investment accounts

In addition to helping our clients address specific tax-related questions, we also offer more general tax planning advice.  Our attorneys can look at your overall financial picture and offer advice as to how you might make changes that would decrease your overall tax burden.

Contact Bruce Turner Law today to set up your initial tax planning consultation.

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