Divorce can be a chaotic time for a couple in Texas. One ex-spouse may want to keep things as measured as possible while the other may have a more difficult personality. In such cases, there are some things that the calm partner can do for legal protection.

Written communication can be a tempered way to get thoughts over to the other person. Sending emails and text messages to the other spouse allows for a form of communication that can also serve as evidence of outrageous language. In addition, both spouses will have time to consider what they are going to write.

Before finalizing the divorce, an ex-spouse should get legal documents in writing. These papers may include a temporary child support order and a custody agreement. In some cases, an ex-partner will need an alimony agreement. These documents will serve as evidence in case the other ex-spouse reneges on the agreements.

The ex-spouse should also gather documents for asset division, alimony and child support. These documents include paycheck stubs, bank statements, tax returns and credit card statements. The ex-partner should also obtain a credit report from all three agencies as they will uncover any potential hidden assets or debts.

Both ex-spouses should try to keep civil conversations around the children, and a point should be made to make the children hostile towards either ex-spouse. If a conflict occurs, the family may need to seek the services of a therapist.

An ex-partner may exhibit violent behavior towards the other ex-partner. This type of conduct can include stalking, threats and physical altercations. In such circumstances, the ex-spouse will need a restraining order against the aggressive ex-spouse.

While many divorces can be resolved in a peaceful manner, some couples will have a complex divorce. A family law attorney may be able to help a person with issues such as property division, child support and custody, visitation and alimony.

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