One of the most important considerations in a high net worth divorce is keeping your matters private from the public eye. In Texas, a couple going through a high net divorce has multiple options for keeping their personal affairs private, and the office of Bruce E. Turner is here to help. Our office provides top tier quality legal representation and help protecting your personal information from public searches.

Mediation Privacy

 One option for keeping your divorce matters private is through the use of mediation services. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution technique that utilizes a neutral, third-party individual to help couples resolve any outstanding issues in their divorce. The mediator helps to identify all remaining issues, reframe the existing arguments, and suggest unique compromises for existing problems. The goal here is to come to a compromise on all issues and draft a final divorce agreement for the court. All negotiation and decisions in the mediation process are confidential and private from public review. Mediation is one of the fastest growing options for high net worth divorces where the couples wish to keep their personal and financial information private.

Collaborative Divorce

 Another option for keeping a high net worth divorce private is by going through the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative divorce is a hybrid system of divorce between the traditional litigation method and mediation. Each spouse comes to a collaborative divorce with their own collaborative attorney and everyone signs an agreement to utilize collaborative techniques to resolve their issues. A series of meetings takes place in which the spouses, lawyers, and any necessary neutral third parties discuss their divorce matters to try and come to an agreement through the collaborative process. Like mediation, the collaborative divorce process is confidential and protected from public searches or requests for information.

Sealing Your Records

 For Texas divorce cases, couples can request that their family court documents be sealed. Under Texas law, so long as the sealing will not have an adverse effect on the public health or safety, and the records do not involve matters that should be open to the public, documents in Family Court can be sealed. One or both spouses can request that their records be sealed, but it is easier to seal the record if both parties agree. Your attorney can also help keep your high net worth divorce private by marking individual documents as sensitive, which will keep them from being made available to the public. You can also conceal your identity and other identifying details in documents that will make it more difficult for the public to invade your privacy during the divorce process.

Contact Bruce E. Turner Today

 If you are embarking on a high net worth divorce and wish to keep the details private, Dallas divorce attorney Bruce E. Turner with Bennett, Weston, LaJone & Turner is here to help.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss your legal options for keeping the details of your divorce private.

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