The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that after being married for five years, 22 percent of couples around the country will have their marriage disrupted by a death, separation or divorce. For couples that have been married for at least 20 years, the rate increases to 53 percent.

Individuals who are curious about why marriages end in divorce may be interested to know about the most common contributing factors. One of the primary reasons for divorce is the infidelity of a spouse. Being unfaithful is not limited to physical affairs, but can include romantic, emotional relationships with individuals other than a spouse. The effects of having financial difficulties can also result in a divorce. Spouses with differing ideas on how to save or spend money may find their marriages are strained as a result. Wives who out-earn their husbands is another financial issue that can affect a marriage.

Marriages in which one of both partners have an addiction may end in divorce. The addictions can include compulsions for alcohol, illicit drugs or sex. A spouse’s obsession with his or her addiction can negatively affect the family as well as the marriage. Some marriages are unable to sustain certain events that are extremely painful. It is not unusual for a relationship to suffer if one spouse is diagnosed with cancer or if a child passes away.

A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving divorce-related disputes regarding issues such as child custody. The attorney may engage in litigation to ensure that a client’s interests and parental rights are protected if attempts to negotiate a settlement prove to be fruitless.

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