In Texas, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and the state child support collection system have done a lot to help to increase the amounts that are collected for child support that is owed. In 2016, almost $33 billion in child support was collected across the nation, and 75 percent of that amount was collected through wage withholding.

While the Office of Child Support Enforcement has been successful in helping parents to collect the child support that they are owed, the agency has indicated that it is making several improvements to help even more. When companies hire new employees, they are required to report the new hires within 20 days, using their companies’ EIN numbers. Since states have their own state EIN numbers which differ from the federal EIN numbers, it is important for businesses to make certain that they use the same EIN number for the employee on the quarterly wage report.

The agency has also clarified some information about income withholding orders. They are supposed to differentiate between one-time lump-sum payments and standing child support orders. They are also required to include information about the state’s maximum withholding rate for back support amounts. In Texas, the maximum amount that may be withheld from a check is 50 percent.

By streamlining the process, the Office of Child Support Enforcement may help to ensure that parents who are owed child support payments are able to receive what they are owed. People who need help with locating their children’s other parents so that they might recover back child support may want to talk to experienced family law attorneys who may be able to help their clients to recover back child support as well as to secure ongoing payments for future support.

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