While going through a divorce can be extremely difficult for Texas parents, it can also have a major impact on any children involved. Even though most divorcing parents want to help their children through the transition, some may inadvertently do certain things that can make the situation worse.

Parents who are in the middle of the divorce process should never do or say anything that can put the children in a tough spot. This includes using the kids as a form of communication between the two parents. Furthermore, the parents should leave adult issues with the adults. This means not talking about certain details that could have an impact on the children’s relationship with the other parent.

While there are many things divorcing parents should not do, there are certainly some ways they can help the kids with the transition. For example, children should be encourage to move on and continue with school and their normal daily activities. It’s also important to encourage them to maintain a relationship with their other parent.

When parents first begin working out child custody issues, they may start drafting a parenting plan with the help of family law attorneys. If the parents can come to an agreement, the parenting plan will be finalized. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, however, the court will make the decision. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached by the parents alone, a family law attorney may assist with making the case for primary custody or a balanced parenting plan.

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