Married couples can sometimes face challenges that might lead them to consider if the relationship needs to end. While some crisis can be overcome, there are reasons that cause strife in a Texas marriage that might result in the people involved making the decision to divorce.

Abuse and mistreatment of a spouse or children might be the cause for the end of a marriage. Another reason a married person might choose to seek a divorce is when their spouse is an addict who consistently rejects treatment and the addiction has taken over their lives. Addiction can affect the stability of the marriage emotionally, physically and financially, becoming a threat to the non-addicted spouse and children. Infidelity is another reason people might choose to divorce, particularly if the person cheated on knows they cannot forgive their spouse, heal and continue with the relationship.

Not all problems need to end up in divorce, however, and married couples often find reasons to stay together and work through certain issues. Some couples with children might choose to work on their marriage to keep their family together.

Others might find that the financial strain of supporting individual households is too much and that might become an incentive for working towards resolution and healing. Still others might focus on the qualities that originally made them fall in love with their spouses, seeking to renew that love.

If the couple decides that there is no resolution to their issues, they might choose to end the marriage amicably. Their respective family law attorneys can assist in negotiating a settlement agreement that will obviate the need for litigation.

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